Strategic Plan Themes – Draft for comment

Norlane Community Centre has been out talking with the community and other organisations in 3214 about the best future for our community. This exploration has helped shape some clear directions for the centre. There are four main areas of focus.

1. Digital Access and Training

2. Wellbeing for All

3. Programs – What We Do

4. Community Led Governance.


Over the next few years Norlane Community Centre could become a major support for people to get affordable access to both technology and the internet.

This would assist people in day to day life and open up training and job opportunities.

This would be achieved through grants and partnerships with organisations funded to work with communities to get more people self-reliant with technology. This includes people of all ages who need access for any reason.



Norlane Community Centre will continue to partner and grow the number of  activities that help reduce isolation. These should  address a need and/or get people involved in sharing common interests.

These groups will continue to be ‘owned’ by the community and the people who participate so that we can increase connections between local people.

Promote positive wellbeing for mind and body.

In addition, Norlane Community Centre staff and wellbeing team to be ‘human directories’ – able to provide information about support services in our community.


Norlane Community Centre will partner with organisations to deliver a network of programs in 3214.

To better plan programs across 3214, Norlane Community Centre will host quarterly agency meetings, involving community members, to plan, schedule and develop programs and activities for and with the community.

The idea is for all programs to promote and support each other and reduce feelings of isolation.


Norlane Community Centre will continue to grow a stronger Board that will always focus on the opportunities within the 3214 community.

By involving the community, planning ahead and being open, the Board will ensure the programs and services within the centre are well managed and supported.

We are still seeking community feedback on these strategic directions.

To communicate any thoughts or comments  you can call the centre on 03 52758124, email [email protected] or drop personally for a chat at 39A Rose Ave, Norlane from 9-5 Weekdays.

Stage 3 Restrictions from 5th August 2020

STAGE 3 Restrictions
Hi everyone,
Although we’d been gradually reopening Norlane Community Centre to a few groups, we have closed again from Wednesday, 5th August to do our part in helping slow the spread of COVID-19 in our neighbourhood.

Read City of Greater Geelong’s News Release:

We will be staying in touch with our community groups & partner organisations & you can still contact us by either:
-leaving a message on 03 5275 8124
-calling or texting 0458 286 175
– emailing [email protected]

Take care, stay safe and hopefully we get to see you all in person again soon.
ps Keep warm too!

Gradual Re-opening

Hi Everyone,

Thank-you for your patience while we’ve been working on Norlane Community Centre’s reopening plan with the help of our Board of Management and City of Greater Geelong, who own our facility.

We are keen to open our doors but first need to make sure we have everything ready to keep everyone as safe as we can.  Unlike some other Neighbourhood Houses/Centres, we were unable to stay open as we don’t operate any essential services.

We will still be closed to the public at first while we reorganize our spaces, processes, and schedules to fit within DHHS room requirements and physical spacing limits.

The way we use our centre will be a bit different, but rest assured you will be able to come back and enjoy each other’s company as soon as possible.  We have started contacting volunteers, community groups and organizations to organise a start date.

Updates will be posted on our Facebook page and website as they happen, while we gradually build back up to our new normal.

Please note – Windsor Park Reserve (Including NCC) will be closed for an electrical upgrade from Tuesday, 23rd June to Friday, 26th June.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Norlane Community Centre Staff and Board of Management

Good news!

Good news!

As of 1 June, neighbourhood houses will be able to reopen – subject to conditions.

We are working on our plan for a gradual, safe reopening and will be in touch soon to discuss how this will look for all of us. This includes our community groups & participants, outreach organisations, volunteers, members, participants and local community.

Find out more:

Community Kitchen

For all our community kitchen people that normally fill Norlane Community Centre on Fridays with wonderful smells, we’ve created a special cooking video to share with you.

The video runs for 1 hour and takes you through a family slow cook with tips and visits to our garden for herbs. Nathan (who will be re-living his community kitchen days from Cloverdale CC) and Esther hope you enjoy catching up with us.  Scroll down for recipe.

Nathan’s Base Slow cook stew



Gravy beef                                                          (OR chuck steak, chicken pieces, lamb off cuts, ox tail)

Herbs and Spices:


Cumin, minced garlic, salt/pepper            (OR Chilli, mustard seed, turmeric, Chinese five spice, ginger, Cinnamon nutmeg, curry, paprika)


Rosemary, thyme, bay leaves                     (OR Woody herbs/spices -Star anise)

Parsley, sage                                                   (OR Soft leaved herbs – marjoram, basil, coriander, Vietnamese mint, Thai basil)


1-2 tablespoons Flour                                     (OR Rice Flour or other types of flour that will coat meat)

Fish Sauce/Shrimp paste                               (OR Anchovies, Worchester sauce)

Butter                                                                   (OR olive oil, margarine, ghee, coconut oil any vegetable or nut oil)

1 tin canned tomato                                       (OR Tomato – paste, fresh, sauce, or even pasta sauce)

Fresh Vegetables:

2 Celery                                                              (OR Carrot, parsnip, pumpkin, beetroot, potato, sweet potato, celeriac, turnip, tomato)

2 Onions

4-5 medium mushrooms


Stock (home-made see recipe)                  (OR Powdered stock, long-life stock, stock cubes)


  1. Cut meat into chunks or leave whole if it has bones.
  2. Toss in a mix of flour with cumin salt and pepper to taste
  3. Melt butter in the pan you will use for slow cooking.
  4. Slowly on a med heat, brown meat in batches and set aside
  5. Cut up celery onion mushroom (or/and other vegies)
  6. Brown the vegetables slowly to allow them to caramelise,
  7. When the cooked onions look clear with a brown tinge stir in the garlic and fish paste until the garlic browns
  8. Add mushrooms continue to cook until they are brown and soft
  9. Add the meat back into the pot
  10. Add enough stock to cover. (can add dried or tinned lentils or beans at this point)
  11. Cover with a lid and put into oven at 150c for 2-3 hours or if using stove top bring to the boil, turn to low simmer and cover 2-3 hours.
  12. Remove lid. If too much liquid, reduce the sauce it by continuing to cook until it is thick enough.

Serve with either buttered noodles, mashed potato, rice or carb friendly buttered ribbon zucchini.


Staying connected

Dear Community,

Due to the current situation we are closing our centre from today Friday, 20th March until further notice. We believe this is the best way to help keep our community safe and well.

We will do our best to keep you all informed of any changes through our facebook page & website, and email, text or phone. Please keep in touch.

We will still be checking our email – [email protected] or please leave a phone message on either 0458 286 175 or 5275 8124 and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Remember, we are all in this together.
Kind regards,
Norlane Community Centre’s Board of Management and staff

Dear Community

Subject:       Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Dear Community,

We are remaining opening at this stage until we are guided otherwise by the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS).  We are closely following their advice and updates.

We want you to make the best decision for you, so ask that you consider any risk to your personal health and those you care for.  Coming into a group environment may not be in your best interest if you are in one of the ‘at risk’ groups – elderly or have pre-existing medical conditions.

Please see the self-assessment sheet (link below) for signs and contact information.

Please do what is right for you and your family.  We will keep you informed and let you know if the centre does have to close.

We are considering starting a community contact register if this happens, for those who are interested.

Remember, we are all in this together.

Norlane Community Centre,

Board of Management & Staff
COVID-19 Self assessment for risk